Bulb and Paper
About Campaign It!


My name is Alan Barnard, and I’m a campaigner. I’ve always been a campaigner. I’ve always wanted to bring about change, to help make better things happen. I’ve been working as a campaigner since the mid-eighties. Now, I help and advise other people’s campaigns.

If you’d like to talk to me about the ways I can help your campaign, send an email to hello[at]campaignit.com

The Book

The ways I use communications as a powerful tool to help deliver success is outlined in my book Campaign It!. It’s a book about the philosophy of campaigning. It explains the attitudes and mindset of a campaigner who wants to use communications to create different futures. And it introduces the concepts behind my approach of ‘storytelling with a purpose’.

‘Purpose’ is the clearly-defined outcome to achieve and by when, along with its associated cause. Cause is the emotional compulsion that drives the pursuit of an outcome and allows it to be shared.

To achieve success, the Campaign It! model integrate all communications around a compelling narrative (the ‘story’), using all available, appropriate communication channels to layer the messaging (the ‘telling’) so that by the end of the campaign of communications, the story has built to such an extent that it is positively irresistible.

I’m delighted that my book is a recommended text on numerous university courses. And I’m thrilled that it’s read and used across Whitehall since the UK Government Communications Service adopted a campaigning approach and mindset to all its communications.

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